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Honey & Hustle is a video podcast show hosted by Angela Hollowell that was created with early-stage entrepreneurs in mind. What started as an idea in Durham, North Carolina is now a weekly video podcast with seasonal episodes featuring entrepreneurs from across North Carolina.

On this show, you can expect vulnerability, motivation, laughs, and candid discussions about what it takes to pursue meaningful work that makes a positive impact. Hustling to build a business is hard, and doing it without guidance is even harder. We exist to help you along your entrepreneurship journey.
Why Listeners Love Honey & Hustle
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  • Valuable Insights for Entrepreneurs
    Listeners love that our podcast provides valuable insights that help entrepreneurs find their way and achieve their goals faster. Our reviews mention that our podcast offers tons of valuable insights that are relevant to what the world needs now. This aspect is highly appreciated by listeners who are looking for guidance and inspiration in their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Excellent Resource for Learning
    Listeners appreciate that this podcast is an excellent resource for learning. Our reviews mention that our podcast is informative and provides new knowledge to its listeners. Listeners mention that they always learn something new from the show, and it motivates them when they are feeling discouraged. This aspect shows that our audience values the educational aspect of our content.
  • Inclusive and Empowering Content
    Listeners love that our podcast focuses on important topics like community building, societal challenges, and the value of serving others. Our reviews mention that the podcast is empowering and inspiring, especially for individuals starting or growing a business based on their values. Our audience appreciates the guests' stories and Angela's thoughtful questions that highlight the importance of building community, serving others, and honoring one's needs in the entrepreneurial process.
  • Spotlighting Small Business Owners and Creatives
    Listeners appreciate that our podcast spotlights small business owners and other creatives. Our reviews mention that Angela has a great way of conversing with her guests, making it more of a conversation rather than a typical interview. Listeners value this aspect as it allows for a more authentic and engaging experience. Additionally, our audience mentions that the podcast's focus on small business owners and creatives creates a supportive and nurturing community.
  • Engaging Multimedia Experience
    Our audience enjoys the multimedia experience provided by our podcast. Our reviews mention that the podcast episodes are accompanied by videos on our YouTube channel. Our audience encourages others to check out the YouTube channel and subscribe, indicating that they appreciate the additional visual content that enhances their listening experience. This aspect shows that our audience values the effort put into providing a comprehensive and engaging media experience.
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